Wool Wall Panels from FilzFelt Create a Unique Design

Oct 17, 2018

FilzFelt uses German-milled 100% Wool Design Felt to create innovative solutions that reduce sound. Recently, they worked together with Felix Zebi and Vanessa Busemann of Cabs Design to produce a new product. The result of their collaboration? A folded acoustic panel system called Scale.

Scale is comprised of modules that are folded and cut to generate unique shapes. It is designed with a 100% wool felt front and is available in over 60 colors.

You can select one color to create a neutral background, or you can select from their large variety of color options to create a unique pattern. The backs of the panels are a dark grey, which adds a shadow effect and increases the appearance of dimensionality.

Scale is built with slots that allow the components to easily fit together. The friction of the wool secures the panels in place once they are positioned. Scale is offered in two sizes and connects to walls with magnetic attachment hardware.

Zebi and Busemann credit a class assignment three years ago while studying at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz in Germany for sparking the inspiration behind this design. Their task was to see what creative solutions could be generated through the utilization of textile fiber composites. After a successful exhibition of their product at design fairs, they collaborated with FilzFelt to introduce it to the market. And, the rest is history!

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