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If you’re a business owner who appreciates custom solutions, thoughtfully designed spaces, and one-of-kind furniture, you’ve come to the right place. OFS Solutions in New York City, New York, is pleased to provide custom woodworking services to local businesses across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re interested in a grand meeting room table or a custom desk for a unique space, our experienced professionals can design and create the perfect pieces for your workplace.

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Of course, designing and building custom wood furniture is only a small part of the process. There’s also transporting the furniture to your business and ensuring any separated pieces are assembled correctly. And what about space planning? Social distancing measures must be considered for any NYC business, but determining the ideal arrangement of your furniture can be tricky without an expert opinion.

Thankfully, OFS Solutions offers all of these solutions and more. From custom woodworking to storage, transportation, space planning, and liquidation, our professionals do it all while providing our signature white-glove service that focuses on ensuring a positive and hassle-free experience for customers. Our team even offers furniture cleaning services to keep your beautiful wood pieces looking like new. Simply put, OFS Solutions gets the job done.

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Take the first step toward creating an inspired and one-of-a-kind workplace. Contact OFS Solutions today to learn more about our sensibly priced custom woodworking services and how we help NYC businesses furnish their spaces with the right products. When you call, be sure to ask about our financing options.

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