Bio-Based Panels Inspired by Origami

Feb 15, 2021

It doesn’t matter how stylish or sleek your office is if it’s too noisy to get work done. Luckily, with products like Acoustic Pulp by BAUX, you don’t need to choose between beauty and function when designing your office. Featured at the Stockholm Furniture Fair, Acoustic Pulp was a fantastic sight to behold.

With its 100% bio-based, biodegradable, and recyclable design, it’s no wonder Acoustic Pulp won the “Best Stand Award.”

The materials used in the panels sound like ones you might find on the ingredient list of a healthy snack. Made with recycled water, citrus fruit peels, sustainably harvested Swedish fir and pine trees, plant-derived wax, wheat bran, and cornstarch, Acoustic Pulp produces 0% pollution and waste.


In recent years, many interior designers and building industries have been using fossil-based materials to make acoustical products. With Acoustic Pulp, BAUX pushed the boundaries of sustainable design.

Acoustic Pulp is available in three colors. Rather than using toxic paint, they achieved their colors by adding different amounts of wheat bran, ranging from 0, 5, and 30%. Combined with their three origami patterns, there are nine pattern-color combinations and dozens of ways to mix and match the panels to form a unique design.



Fredrik Franzon and Johan Ronnestam co-founded BAUX, an architectural acoustic material company. Together with the Swedish industrial design studio, Form Us With Love, they pushed the bounds of material science to design a product that would do its job without causing environmental harm.


As open-plan workspaces have become increasingly popular, so has the need to address acoustical challenges and provide sound masking and absorption in order to maintain an orderly and efficient workplace. Check out our wide selection of creative acoustical solutions. In many cases, we can customize them to fit your office design or culture. Feel free to share your sound dampening challenges with our team!