Benefits of Using a Height Adjustable Desk

Nov 29, 2018

Although sedentary jobs and sitting for long periods of time at work has become the norm, our bodies are designed to be active and in motion. The unnatural habit of sitting for hours on end on an uncomfortable chair can wreak havoc on your health and detrimentally affect your mental well-being.
Luckily, with the increased awareness of health in the workplace, adjustable standing desks, like My-Hite, are available to make your workday better and improve your quality of life.
What are some of the advantages of using a height adjustable work desk?
Reduced Muscle Aches and Tension
Experiencing backaches is a natural consequence of sitting for long periods of time. If most people work from 9-5 at a sedentary job, it’s no wonder they’re experiencing physical discomfort! To reduce the frequency and intensity of back pain and prevent it from happening it from occurring in the future, alternate between sitting and standing while you complete your work. My-Hite is a great option due to its fully adjustable settings that allow you to raise it higher or lower at the click of a button.
Increase Your Productivity
Sitting all day generates mental fatigue and makes it hard to concentrate as the day goes on. Standing encourages healthy circulation throughout your entire body, which improves your mental focus and productivity while working.
Reduce Your Risk of Obesity
Obesity is a major health problem on the rise in the United States. Stay in motion to prevent putting on the pounds that easily accumulate from sitting for long periods of time. An adjustable desk affords you the flexibility to move around while completing your work.
Easily Change Positions
A well-made adjustable standing desk, like My-Hite, allows you to raise the desk when you feel like standing and lower the desk when you feel like sitting. Staying in motion and changing positions throughout the day improves your coordination, activates your musculature, and increases the usage of your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and lower extremities. With an adjustable standing desk, you can sit whenever you feel fatigued from standing while preventing a slew of negative health effects associated with sitting for large amounts of time.
Using an adjustable standing desk is a great way to easily incorporate more movement into your workday, and improve your mental well-being and physical health.
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Conventional office desks are a thing of the past. With research indicating numerous health benefits associated with alternating between sitting and standing at work, sit-stand desks are in demand. Check out our selection to find one that works best for you.