Beauty and Smarts Come Together in the Parentesit Collection

Sep 07, 2018

Geometric designs + acoustic dampening + smart technology = Meet the newest products by Lievore Altherr Molina.
Launched by Arper in 2015, Parentesit is a collection of wall panels that add a geometric flair to any space they’re installed. Outfitted with smart technology which allows these panels to play music and adjust the lighting, the products of the Parenthesit line have also have acoustic dampening abilities which enable them to absorb sound in the room in which they’re placed. This line of panels offers three geometric shapes: Square, Oval, and Circle.

In addition to creating a bold visual effect, these panels can be customized to include an ambient light and a speaker which can play music or answer phone-calls.

The geometric panels are controlled through a smartphone app that allows one to sync music, take calls, and adjust the LED light level to create the desired atmospheric effect. Parenthesit’s host of features truly sets this line apart, making it the ultimate triple threat.

From Arper CEO Claudio Feltrin:
“Parentesit is an innovative combination of functional and expressive features: it’s one product that responds effectively to diverse needs, especially in reference to work environments: it creates private spaces, moderates noise levels, it interacts with the environment in which it is inserted via interactive technology and graphic customizable shapes; Parentesit Wall Panels are a practical and elegant lighting support, speaker and sound diffusion.”

Parenthesit is more than simply a collection of wall panels. These products have the ability to totally transform and set the tone for any work environment on a variety of sensory levels.
See more color and shape options below:

As open-plan workspaces have become increasingly popular, so has the need to address acoustical challenges and provide sound masking and absorption in order to maintain an orderly and efficient workplace. Check out our wide selection of creative acoustical solutions. In many cases we can customize them to fit your office design or culture. Feel free to share your sound dampening challenges with our team!