AK 2: The Acoustic Dampening Lamp You Never Knew You Needed

Nov 18, 2018

Collaboration, coordination, and collective creative work are all great in the work environment. With the latest office designs encouraging this dynamic, desks are often pushed together. Although this collaborative office culture promotes teamwork, additional privacy is sometimes necessary for personal work to be completed efficiently, and shared tables can make that difficult.
Designers Ivan Kasner and Uli Budde stepped up in creating a solution for shared workspaces that require sound dampening and greater privacy.
The product? An acoustic dampening desk partition that also functions as a lamp.

Their design, AK 2, is a work divider lamp that can be positioned and hung above reading tables, desks, or any other shared work area to increase privacy and light while decreasing volume levels.

The sound dampening divider shines a light on both of its sides, helping to illuminate shared work areas. AK 2 is filled with acoustic foam, which helps increase its sound absorbing ability.

AK 2 is available in ten distinct colors and made from recycled PET bottles.

AK 2: Your all-in-one solution for reducing sound, increasing privacy, and improving the lighting in the workplace.
As open-plan workspaces have become increasingly popular, so has the need to address acoustical challenges and provide sound masking and absorption in order to maintain an orderly and efficient workplace. Check out our wide selection of creative acoustical solutions. In many cases we can customize them to fit your office design or culture. Feel free to share your sound dampening challenges with our team!