Acoustic Dampening Solutions for a Playful Workplace

Dec 05, 2018

Fun. This is not an adjective that we usually think of when describing acoustic dampening equipment. However, the newest line of products from BuzziSpace is exactly that.
BuzziSpace is known for providing out-of-the-box acoustic dampening solutions, and with their newest line of products, they haven’t let us down.
Here are some of their latest creations:

Their product BuzziBalance is the result of collaboration with Martin Lesjak and Anastasia Su, from 13&9’s. BuzziBalance helps users to remain active while working a sedentary job. It also reduces noise through its sound dampening fabric. Part play, completely effective, BuzziBalance makes a great addition to any office space.

BuzziBalance Board is the stand-up version of BuzziBalance. Using this product can increase your balance and sense of focus as you incorporate sensory play into your workday.

BuzziTotem is a movable, upstanding column that rests on a metal base for support and stability. With its transportable design, BuzziTotem can be easily moved around in any room to dampen noise levels. It is available in three different sizes and in three different shapes: Beam, Cylinder, and Wedge.

Chris Hardy’s collaboration with BuzziSpace resulted in BuzziBell, a light fixture that is comprised of environmentally sustainable material, such as felt. The fabric is methodically stretched to create sloping curves that contrast sharply next to its metal hardware. BuzziBell is offered in twelve different colors and is UL and CE listed.

Alain Gilles collaborated with BuzziSpace to create BuzziBlinds, a product that offers privacy, acoustic dampening, and a great architectural aesthetic. The rotating blinds double as space partitions when placed in open spaces. The partitions include five rotating blinds that can be closed or opened based on your desired level of privacy. BuzziBlinds are offered in four shapes, twelve colors, and two heights.

Another product recently launched by BuzziSpace is BuzziMoon, a lamp that offers warm light using its LED disc. The acoustic ring that surrounds the light serves a dual purpose: It functionally helps to dampen sound while enhancing the design of any workspace. BuzziMoon is offered in multiple fabrics and patterns, which allows you to custom create a unique item.
With so many incredible products to choose from, it’ll be hard to pick just one. BuzziSpace has yet to disappoint us with their creative, clever, and curious designs. We look forward to seeing what they produce next!
As open-plan workspaces have become increasingly popular, so has the need to address acoustical challenges and provide sound masking and absorption in order to maintain an orderly and efficient workplace. Check out our wide selection of creative acoustical solutions. In many cases, we can customize them to fit your office design or culture. Feel free to share your sound dampening challenges with our team!